Sales Management

Jerry Wolff has been an entrepreneur for almost four decades, focusing his energy in the creation and implementation of strategic marketing, advertising and branding programs for a wide range of clientele. His marketing experience includes these general disciplines under the heading, “Communications”: the development of brand awareness/equity, strategic marketing, advertising (social media, electronic-television/cable TV/radio, print, outdoor/impact), media research-planning-negotiating and buying and the creation of sports marketing programs. In the early stages of his career, Jerry rose from Account Executive to Sales Manager and then General Manager of major radio stations in New York. Additionally, Jerry was a pioneer in the marriage of professional sports teams (NBA, NHL, MLB) and cable television systems (Multiple System Operators) in several markets, including New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and many other cities.

Over the years, Jerry has been intimately involved in the forefront of cutting-edge new media trends, including sophisticated social media programs, the advent of FM radio, the emergence of cable television, and the development of exciting sports marketing programs. Here is a partial list of distinguished businesses that Jerry has worked with: Sharp Electronics, Gulf Oil Co., Alberta Culver Co., Mirage Hotel-Las Vegas, Toyota North America, IDT Telecommunications, Conagra Corp., AC Delco (a division of General Motors), Longines Watch Co., Fonar MRI, NAPA Auto Parts, Anheuser Busch, The Shubert Organization, and Brooklyn College.

In the 1970’s while TVS Television Network CEO Tom Ficara was developing the first commercial-based cable TV networks, Jerry was developing the advertising sector of regional pay TV sports channels. In the 1980’s, Wolff and Ficara combined to develop successful projects such as “TigerVision”, the LSU-based pay-per-view service, plus the Cable Sports Network, which appeared as an adjunct to the Financial News Network. In the 2000’s, Wolff and Ficara again combined to launch the first successful IPTV advertising-based programming network, TV4U. Today, the current media landscape combined audio, video, and text platforms and again, it is Ficara and Wolff who are heading this new media initiative.