Sponsor-Legacy Partnerships

TVS gives businesses of all sizes the ability to be seen as major advertisers within the world of TVS. Historically, TVS has worked with secondary-level ad partners who previously could not compete on the national stage with the largest advertisers. For decades, TVS has produced exciting marketing opportunities for companies like Sharp, Heet, Stroh’s Beer, US Tobacco, Hardee’s, Canada Dry, and Norelco, to name a few, to be able to compete with major advertisers in reach, frequency, and image. Today, TVS specializes in custom, cost-effective marketing packages that enable a smaller company to “stay the course” with an advertising effort that can make a major impact with a modest budget. Also, TVS reaches out to “Legacy Advertisers,” products that are a part of Americana (as is TVS), to let the nation know that their product is still available!