TVS Media Networks

In 1958, TVS began its radio network with the broadcast of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. In 1960, TVS began a more than two-decade run as the leading independent broadcast TV network, presenting major college basketball, major college football, the World Heavyweight Championship fight between Joe Frazier and Ron Stander, PGA Golf, WCT Tennis, and other major events. TVS also innovated with burgeoning leagues such as the NASL, the AIAW, the WFL, the LPBT, and IWA Wrestling to expand the nation’s TV sports landscape.

Today, TVS has developed a comprehensive video, audio, and text package for advertising-supported programming by combining these platforms on broadcast TV, broadcast radio, cable TV, IPTV, OTT, and mobile devices. The result is an independent network that provides advertisers with a low-cost alternative to reaching the baby boomer audience that TVS serves.

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